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How We Determine the Price of our Premade Book Cover Designs

If you noticed, the price of our covers differ. You might be wondering why. There's a reason, and the logic behind it is very important.

Book Skins uses images from 4 sources: the Public Domain, our Original Images, Purchased Images from popular image sites, and sites that offer images with a Creative Commons Zero License. This is to prevent copyright infringement issues. 

Checking the source of images is critical whenever you allow designers to procure the images for you. Some designers take a lot of liberty in their designs, and unknown to you, your cover may be violating the rights of an image owner. 

We want our covers to be as unique as possible, and in most instances, we combine elements and avoid using images AS IS. It's important for you to understand that while the cover design belongs to us, the images used doesn't, unless it's one of our original images; photographs taken by our staff or images we created ourselves.

We base our cover prices on these factors:

1) Originality of images used
2) Number of images used
3) Typography used
4) Textures and filtering used
5) Complexity of design

The higher the cover price, the more assurance you have that there is no cover like it elsewhere. We have taken the time to make it unique. The more time we spend on it, the higher the price will be.

We aim to provide authors with cost effective covers, but we also don't want them to see their exact cover image somewhere else. That's why we've included "almost" original covers as an option. We say almost because unless you had the image drawn by an illustrator, or you personally took the photo, there is always the possibility that someone somewhere is using that image too.

These are some misconceptions that we'd like to give clarity to:

Myth: When you buy an image from an image site such as Dreamstime or 123RF, no one else can use the image.

Fact: Your purchase gives you the right to use the image, but the copyright remains with the image owner. Anyone can buy it too, and use it. That's why you see book covers with the exact same images of models.

Myth: After you purchase an image, you can use it any way you want.

Fact: How you are allowed to use it, still depends on the site where you bought it from, and the license attached to the image. Here's an easy to understand article on Copyrights and Licenses.

Myth: Images on Google can be downloaded and used.

Fact: Most images on Google can't be used. It depends on who owns them. Check the source site and the image license.

We hope this gives you a better idea how designers price their designs. $5 covers sound good, but you have to question how the design came to existence.

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